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Job Placement, Enjoy a Helping Hand from ATS

Training and gaining certification is one thing, but it does not necessarily get you a job; this is why we offer job placement to our graduates. It is tough for a graduate of any institution be it Associated Training Services or anywhere else; tough because while you have learned the skills, you lack experience. The trouble is to get experience you need a job and to get a job you often need experience. To cut a long story short, it often helps to have someone give you a chance. That is what our job placement program is all about.

Being in the construction industry for as long as we have, we have made a great deal of connections with different construction companies around the country. There are a lot of them. We have provided graduates for a lot of big names and they recognize the fact that our students leave Associated Training Services ready to work. That is to say they are aware of the that our students have the skills that they need to would need to succeed in a real working environment. For this reason, many such companies offer job placement for our students. We can help you through the process and find you a position that you are comfortable with.

Job placement is not just a useful part of the training process, it is a crucial part of the training process. Job placement gets you out of the training center and into the real world. Most importantly, job placement gives you a chance to put your skills to use immediately. If you have any questions regarding our job placement program, please do not hesitate to contact us at Associated Training Services.

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