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I’ve Got A Bulldozer License – Now What?

Okay, so your have put your head down, studied hard and now have the operation of a bulldozer down pat. Now what? Having a bulldozer qualification is great and you will find there are plenty of well paid jobs on offer. You can improve your pay check and have more job opportunities!

How are you going to get your dozer out to the job? Wait for someone to truck it out for you? Why not truck it out yourself? I know – you don’t have a license to drive a truck. So get one.

Getting your Class A CDL license opens up a lot options. This license enables you to drive the flatbeds that transport heavy equipment required on new projects. Some jobs could see you driving your own dozer out to the work site, clearing the area using the dozer then loading it back up and driving back to base.

You may prefer job where you spend your days transferring heavy equipment from point A to point B. You load the equipment onto the truck, transport it to its destination, then offload it. The Class A CDL license also allows you to drive dump trucks on the open road.

These can all be well paid jobs and there is plenty of demand for people with these skills and qualifications. To get your Class A CDL license, you can either include the training program with your heavy equipment course or do it as a separate training program, both can be done through ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools.

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