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Is A Career In Heavy Equipment Operations For You?

Have you been thinking of starting a career in heavy equipment operations, but not sure if it is something for you? The United States Department of Labor has some information that you may find of interest. There are three main points you need to remember about the heavy equipment operations career field;

    Many heavy equipment operations workers get their skills right on the job. There is a formal way to gain the skills through schooling and training programs.

    Your job opportunities are very good in heavy equipment operations.

    Your pay is per hour and it is relatively high.

Heavy equipment operators use heavy machinery to move earth and construction material. They work at mines and construction sites. They operate heavy equipment to clear debris and grade land. They also help prepare buildings, bridges and roads. In other areas, they dig trenches, reapir sewers, hoist heavy material and repair pipelines. Some heavy equipment operations may call for you to work offshore in oil rigs. You may also find yourself sprading concrete on roads and highways.

Some heavy equipment operations workers inspect the machinery and make sure that there are no repairs needed. You work and control the machinery by pressing foot pedals and moving levers. You may also be using joy sticks and switches to operate it. This kind of equipment is a lot more complicated to use now than it was in the past, due to technology. Now there are things such as Global Positioning Systems that can help with your leveling and grading.

Your work environment will include out doors and every type of climate possible. Some workers do not work in the winter months, depending on your location. Heavy equipment operations can be a very dangerous field, so you want to be sure that you have the proper training available so that you will not hurt yourself or others in an accident.

Employers generally prefer you to be a high school graduate, although some will hire non graduates. It always helps to have formal training and to be certified to get the job. It shows that you already have the skills and can do the work without having to be rained. Also, due to technological advances, by having previous training in the heavy equipment operations field, you are a step ahead of the competition, and you’re able to offer your employer a lot more than others. You can get certification and licensure with Associated Training Services or ATS. We make sure that you are able to do everything necessary to be a valuable asset to any company or employer.

In addition to having proper training in heavy equipment operations, you also have the opportunity to become a supervisor. Some heavy equipment operations workers also choose to become instructors at training facilities and others start becoming contractors in their own business. Heavy equipment operations can be a very rewarding career path, provided you get proper training today!

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