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6 Things You Learn In Heavy Equipment School (Besides Operating Heavy Equipment)

How to operate a variety of heavy equipment is the obvious thing you'll learn while in heavy equipment school. You'll learn to operate everything from a backhoe to an all-terrain forklift. But that's not all. There are six other things you'll learn that will help you throughout your heavy equipment career. Grade Reading - Do you know how to read…

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Heavy Equipment Job Listings, September 5, 2015

All around the nation, heavy equipment operators and truck drivers are securing jobs that lead to productive, successful, and fulfilling careers. You can be one of them. When you enroll in a course from ATS, you'll gain free access to job leads just like these: ELY, IA hiring heavy equipment operators. IN, SOUTH BEND hiring CLASS-A CDL truck drivers. CHATTANOOGA, TN hiring mobile crane operators. CLAYTON,…

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5 Uses for a Backhoe

One of the most versatile machines on any work site is the backhoe. If you look at it, it resembles a huge metal spider. But I've never met anyone who knew how to operate a backhoe who didn't also enjoy operating one. Here are five ways you can use a backhoe to get the job done. Dig a Trench -…

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Learn to Operate a Bulldozer

Bulldozer training is one of the most important things you can do for your career. If you want a long and successful career as a heavy equipment operator, then the bulldozer is one of the essential pieces of machinery to learn how to handle. So what do you learn in bulldozer training? 10 Types of Equipment You'll Learn to Operate…

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3 Ways Freezing Affects Heavy Equipment Operations

Brrrrrr.....it's getting colder! Most heavy equipment operators don't have the luxury of putting their equipment in a heated location overnight, so when you come to work in the morning, that equipment is really cold. So cold, in fact, that things can change in the way that the machinery works. Here are three things to watch out for: frozen pipelines --…

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