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Increased Public Works Spending To Increase Demand For Graders

A report released yesterday is claiming that the economic stimulus package has already created over 600,000 jobs. With an increase in public works spending still to come to fruition, and the flow on effect from increased construction, the outlook for grader operators is positive. For those looking for a career as a grader operator, now is the time to seek out grader operator training.

Graders are one of the key pieces of heavy equipment when it comes to new roads and for leveling out new housing estates. Their ability to manicure the surface to such precise angles, slopes and thicknesses means that work in these areas can be completed quickly when compared to other heavy equipment.

Training to become a grader operator is not that demanding. It takes three weeks to complete both the theory and the hands on practical training. ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools provide students with late model equipment in which to train – and the training really is hands-on. None of this standing behind an instructor and watching them operate the equipment.

The demand for grader operators is on the increase. Spring and summer will see this demand grow even faster. ATS can provide assistance when it comes to financing your training. We can also provide assistance when it comes to finding your first job placement. All it takes is a little dedicated time over a three week period and you’ll be ready to start a career as a grader operator. Our graders part of your future – if so, contact us now for details on our next heavy equipment training program.

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