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How To Kick Start Your Heavy Equipment Career

The hardest part of any new career is getting your leg in the door. Once in, the rest is pretty much plain sailing, especially if you’re pretty good at what you do. Heavy equipment careers are no different – find an employer willing to take you on as a raw novice, and the door opens to prove your worth. If you’re well trained, and you perform well, you’ll always find employment.

ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Training Schools are well aware of the difficulties graduates face in finding employers willing to take a chance on new recruits. Fortunately, we have a terrific reputation amongst employers for our quality training methods, curriculum and delivery. More importantly, our graduates are well regarded from day one, simply because they have our training school listed on their resumes.

Since we are well respected, we have developed a huge database of potential employers from all around the nation. We have also developed a well trained career services department. It is their role to work with students to develop quality resumes and to fine tune their job search skills. This includes approaching potential employers and how best to present themselves and perform during job interviews. We also work with students to find potential employers, and to approach those employers with a view to getting that ‘leg in the door’.

ATS also has a dedicated job site where employers can place and job vacancies. Some of these vacancies are also published on this site each Saturday. With our job site and career services department, heavy equipment operator students (and truck driver training/crane operator training) receive all the assistance possible to get that all-important first job. What we don’t do is deliver training then wave goodbye when completed – we continue to help you for as long as you need that help, and that’s generally not all that long.

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