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Heavy Equipment Training Is Half The Battle

Whilst there is a shortage of heavy equipment operators across the nation, that doesn’t mean you can just do a bit of training and expect to walk into a job. Employers are still fussy; after all, their operators are in control of heavy equipment that is priced in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Not only that, but heavy equipment operators are often working on projects that are valued in the millions if not tens of millions of dollars. Employers simply cannot take a risk on an unknown operator.

So how does a novice get a foot in the door. Employers want experienced and reliable heavy equipment operators, however, if they are not prepared to hire new graduates. How are those graduates going to build that experience? It’s an age old question that affects almost every industry around the world. Sometimes it helps to have someone on your side who can open a few doors. Someone an employer trusts to deliver hard working and reliable employees.

ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools has been in business for around fifty years. Over that time we have developed good relationships with a wide group of employers. They trust our training and know that when we graduate a new recruit to the industry, that person will be ready to start in the workplace in an entry level position. Our success depends on our graduates gaining employment – if they didn’t find employment, our name would soon turn to mud. To help graduates succeed, we have over the years developed a strong career services department.

When you start your heavy equipment training with us, our career services personnel start working with you, helping you build a resume and learn how to approach employers, and how to handle yourself during interviews. We also try to match you up to suitable employers in your area. Looking for a career change? Training is half the battle, and we don’t believe in doing things by halves – we like to see our students trained and successfully in the workplace as soon as possible – that’s the best way to kickstart a new career.

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