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Heavy Equipment – Take A Tour Of A Typical Modern Day Cab

In years gone by, the cab of most heavy equipment was, to say the least, pretty bare. In fact, for some equipment there was no cab, only a set of roll bars, if you were lucky. Today’s cabs are a far cry from those early days.

If you thought modern cars had it all, you’re wrong. The cab of some heavy equipment, for example an excavator or grader, is full of gadgets, dials and mod cons. Let’s start with the cab itself. Gone are the roll bars and mesh sides. Now you have a fully enclosed cab with broad and often deep windows. As an operator, you have a complete 360 degree view, yet the machine itself maintains a safe posture when it comes to a roll over.

The modern seat has all the aspects of a luxury car – plus some. Height adjustment, seat angle and lumbar support are just some of the features. Some seats can rotate a full 360 degrees. Some even have internal heating for those cold winter days. Talking about heat – how about full reverse cycle air conditioning? – climate control at that.

We haven’t even got to the controls yet. Steering is, of course, power steering. Brakes are the best in the business, power assisted where necessary. You have a wealth of dials letting you know oil pressures, hydraulic pressures and – oh yes, your speed as well.

The cab of today’s heavy equipment could almost fit into the luxurious category. I have seen cabs with small coolers to keep your drinks cool. Radio, CD and GPS are almost standard along with a two-way radio system to stay in contact with fellow workers.

All things considered, its no wonder that heavy equipment operation is becoming a popular career choice. Can you imagine undertaking some of your heavy equipment operator training in that sort of environment? Of course, there are still quite a few of the old machines around for those that truly love the outdoors. If you ever get the opportunity – take a tour and marvel at how good the cab of most modern heavy equipment is.

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