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Heavy Equipment Technology Putting Computers In Trucks

Truck driving technology has changed a lot over the years. At one point, the only technology wanted by truck drivers was their CB radio. That one piece of technology allowed truck drivers to communicate with one another whilst on the road. Drivers were warned of road hazards, bad weather, even highway police (or smokies as that famous trucking song goes). Today, new trucks have gone way beyond the CB radio; instead, they have fully fledged computers, similar to your iPad or tablet PC.

This new technology includes everything from GPS and the mapping and road direction advice that we install in our cars to full internet connections including Skype for voice calls. Trucks are now often connected directly to their home base through computers with traffic managers able to communicate directly with drivers. Managers can advise truck drivers on alternate routes when problems are encountered, or alternate delivery destinations if necessary.

What we are now seeing in the latest heavy equipment models is similar technology. Grader operators can use onboard computers to accurately set their blades at the right height and angle based on the engineering plans and the current conditions. These computers use a combination of GPS and laser technology to gather the data required to perform very accurate grading.

Graders are not the only equipment to use technology. You will find excavators, bulldozers and backhoes taking advantage of this new technology. It won’t be long and operators will be using tablet PC-like devices to do a lot of their work. It’s interesting to note that those who have played a lot of computer games using joysticks are able to make the transition to heavy equipment operations with ease. That’s where technology in the home is helping to train individuals for the workplace – if only most people realized that fact.

Trucks are setting the way when it comes to using modern technology, however, heavy equipment technology is quickly catching up. Truck driving, heavy equipment operations and crane operations are getting easier every year. At the same time, operators and drivers are being paid more each year, sometimes due to the new skills required to operate that technology. If you’re considering a career as a heavy equipment operator, the future is exciting, especially when it comes to heavy equipment technology.

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