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New Heavy Equipment Technology Helps With Loss Prevention

If there is one thing that irks construction companies more than anything else it is the loss of their heavy equipment. New heavy equipment technology is now helping with loss prevention devices being fitted to most new machinery.

You would be surprised at how brazen some thieves can be. They have been known to turn up in broad daylight with a flatbed tractor-trailer and simply load up the machinery of their choice and take off. This normally happens on a weekend, or in the early evening when there is no one on the site to protect the equipment. There have, however, been situations where they have turned up on a working day, with what appears to be an authentic work order, and loaded up right in front of the construction crew. Let’s face it, if the equipment is not being used at the time then it makes sense to move it to a new site – how are the onsite workers to know any different?

The latest heavy equipment technology includes GPS devices that are constantly on. They are often self powered and hidden so even the removal of the equipment’s battery won’t bypass the security system. If the machine is stolen at any time, it can be found, often very quickly, simply by tracking the GPS signal. Security firms will eventually have monitors for all heavy equipment fitted with these devices and an alarm will be raised should one be moved without authorization.

Fortunately for operators, heavy equipment technology like this doesn’t require any special training. In fact, most operators won’t even know of its existence unless told or warning labels are placed on the equipment. Heavy equipment training will only be affected in the short term by the introduction of GPS equipment when it is being used to complete a job – that, however, is a story for a future post.

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