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Heavy Equipment Technology Is Forever Changing – Are You Keeping Up

Heavy equipment technology is gaining new ground all the time. Sometimes, the technology is not necessarily with the heavy equipment, but with the tools used alongside heavy equipment. Take excavating as an example. Excavators have changed remarkably over the last 20 years and so have some of the tools. When I say tools, I am not referring to the attachments.

Excavators dig trenches. However, trenches can create problems, particularly if the sides start to back in to the trench. To stop this, and to provide a safe work place, shoring is used to hold the walls together. What does this have to do with the excavator? Plenty. First, as an operator you find that a trench can be dug in half the time compared to ten years ago. Secondly, excavator operators now need to learn how to work around any shoring that has been erected- the need to develop new skills.

New heavy equipment technology means that all operators require a level of training that enables them to learn to work with that new technology. ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools prides itself on being up-to-date with the latest trends in heavy equipment. We pass this along to our students so they can, where appropriate, put them into use once they have completed their training.

Does a career in heavy equipment call? If so, contact us at ATS to see where and when our next heavy equipment training course commences. Your new career could start in as little as three weeks and you may well be up to date with all the latest in heavy equipment technology.

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