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Heavy Equipment Safety Training Proving Its Worth

Heavy equipment safety has become an important issue and many states now insist on operators having some form of safety training. Employers themselves are now starting to see the worth of safety training. Consider the two sides of the issue. Accidents mean stoppages, injuries, inquiries, possibly fines, and the job finishing behind schedule. No accidents means – well, the opposite. No injuries, no inquires, no stoppages, a happier workplace and jobs finishing ahead of schedule.

Southern Industrial Constructors are a classic example. They have just celebrated a full year with zero accidents in the workplace. You may think “so what?.” However, consider this: they employ 750 employees at sites spread around the country. This means safety is a prime concern, not in one place, but in multiple places. As one of the nation’s biggest employers of construction workers and heavy equipment operators, this is a record to be proud of.

How have they managed to achieve this record? Safety training, including ongoing training on a regular basis, has formed an important part of their safety platform. Workers are rewarded for working within safety guidelines. More importantly, using crane operators as an example:

(…source)The company advocates nationally for industry safety standards requiring its crane operators to be certified by the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO).

ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools along with ATS Crane Operator Schools have long promoted safety in the workplace. All nationally accredited training includes safety components as laid down by the relevant national bodies for each equipment type. For our crane operators, we offer training that has been accredited and graduates can be assessed at our training centers for accreditation by the NCCCO. Heavy equipment safety training is helping to reduce workplace accidents – just ask Southern Industrial Constructors.

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