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Heavy Equipment Safety Starts With Basic Common Sense

Heavy equipment safety is at the forefront of all training these days and with just cause. Over the years there have been hundreds of deaths or serious injuries caused by heavy equipment. In most cases, it is not the operator who is injured, it is those working around the equipment.

Of course, not all accidents can be attributed to the heavy equipment operator. After all, no one is psychic. Yet, with a little common sense, many accidents could have been avoided. No one can teach ‘common sense’, however, you can be trained in basic safety aspects when using heavy equipment. There are common situations that every operator can adhere to.

Safety starts with knowing your equipment and its limitations. It also includes knowing your own limitations. Once you get to know your equipment, you will sense when things are ‘not quite right’. Believe it or not, many accidents are caused, not by operational errors, but by equipment failures. Knowing your equipment can help you assess whether or not it is safe to operate.

This is where common sense can play a big role. A walk-around inspection prior to starting a job is the first task. Common sense should dictate that if something doesn’t quite look right, it should be looked at more thoroughly by an inspector. For example, a mechanic. The same is true if things don’t ‘feel right’ whilst operating the equipment.

Safety is important in the workplace now. There is a lot equipment being used at once. There are often a lot of people either working in the same area, or passing by. When enrolling in a heavy equipment training course, you can now expect to receive intense training in heavy equipment training. Employers expect it, the government insists on it, and your work colleagues rely on it.

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