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Heavy Equipment Safety – On The Ground And In The Cab

Heavy equipment safety training has two aspects and they are both covered by workplace safety laws. Those working as heavy equipment operators have a responsibility to themselves and to everyone and everything around them. Those working on the ground have exactly the same responsibility. Heavy equipment safety often covers both in the cab and on the ground safety aspects.

Communication is one area that is common to those both in the cab and on the ground. Whether it’s via hand signals or through the use of two-way radios – being able to clearly understand what is being communicated is important.

For those on the ground, and for operators, jumping on and off moving equipment is considered a dangerous act and should not be attempted. If you are on the ground, you should wait until the equipment has come to a stop before attempting to get on. For the operator, if someone is wanting to get on board, the obvious step is to make your equipment safe so they can get on.

Safety laws include the wearing of safety equipment such as hard hats, footwear and specialist equipment such as hearing protection. Both ground and cab personnel need to be aware of what safety clothing is required and to be using them on the job.

Observation is another key area for both heavy equipment operators and ground workers. For the operators, this includes equipment inspections prior to starting work. For those on the ground, being aware of and reporting unusual noises and/or vibrations coming from the heavy equipment can help to prevent serious accidents, or serious equipment breakdowns.

Heavy equipment safety involves everyone on a work site whether you are an operator or part of the ground crew. Heavy equipment safety covers a broad spectrum of issues – what is important is that these are fully understood. A lack of understanding can lead to serious accidents often resulting in death – sometimes that of the operator. Heavy equipment safety training – it’s more important that you realize.

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