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Heavy Equipment To The Rescue

I watched with interest the other day as a series of heavy equipment machinery came to the rescue of a derailed train. The train lost three of its trucks, each running off the tracks and rolling over. The three trucks where each filled with gravel.

It was a fine piece of coordination. The crane came in and first emptied the trucks completely by lifting and tipping the contents out. The crane then moved the empty trucks to one side. It was then time for the bulldozer to come in and push all the gravel away from the tracks and into neat piles.

The rail gang then moved into action removing all the twisted track and laying new track. Once the new track had been laid, the rail trucks where then lifted back onto the tracks. The engine carted them away while another engine brought in a new series of trucks. A front end loader then loaded all the gravel into the new trucks.

This team work had the tracks cleared and repaired and reopened within four hours of the accident occurring. It took the skills of these operators working in a fairly confined space together with the coordination and planning of the rail boss to get the job done. And they did.

As a heavy equipment operators, whether it is as a crane operator, bulldozer driver or front end loader operator, you just never know what your next job may be and what sort of situation you may find yourself in.

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