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Heavy Equipment Jobs, December 12, 2015

When professionals in other industries have trouble finding work, heavy equipment workers and truck drivers can go online, search the Total Resources Network jobs database and have plenty of options. This week, there aren’t many jobs listed, but the ones that are listed should have Class-A CDL truck drivers standing line and waiting. Or picking up the phone to make an appointment with the hiring manager.

All four truck driving opportunities this week are from the state of Wisconsin, but that doesn’t mean all opportunities in other states have dried up. Stay tuned. You never know what you’ll see this time next week.

  • GREEN BAY, WI Hiring Class-A CDL truck drivers.
  • MADISON, WI Hiring Class-A CDL truck drivers.
  • TOMAH, WI Hiring Class-A CDL truck drivers.
  • EVANSVILLE, WI Hiring Class-A CDL truck drivers.

How to Ensure You Land a Truck Driving Job

There’s no guarantee that if you apply for a job, you’ll get it. Other people are likely applying for that job too. But you’ll increase your chances of being hired for any job if you take a few steps to increase your own likelihood of success. Here are some ways you can do that:

  • Attend a truck driver training course
  • Learn some interviewing skills
  • Prepare a resume
  • Practice your presentation
  • Scour the jobs database for the latest jobs openings
  • Dress for success
  • Be diligent and arrive at your interview on time
  • Keep a good attitude

Looking for work is hard, but going without work for a long period of time is harder. Keep your head up, keep searching for the best opportunities, and prove you really want to work. Learn to drive first, then show that you want to drive.

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