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Heavy Equipment Job Listings: August 9, 2014

Did you know that heavy equipment operators don’t necessarily get laid off in the winter? That’s because it takes heavy equipment to move snow and de-icing materials off the roads. If you are a heavy equipment operator and live in an area that needs snowplows and such, check with your local DOT about the possible openings coming up. A lot of times, an experienced operator can pick up a lot of money during a freak snowstorm, especially in areas that aren’t used to snow. Of course, you can’t know when you’ll get the call, but it sure is an opportunity for anyone who can do it.

This week there are just a few jobs on the list, but more are coming in all the time. Check the listings on the Total Resources Network for the latest postings since the job site constantly updates their database. The skilled trades industries are constantly changing because we change the world around us when we work.

Green Bay, WI — hiring heavy equipment operators

Colorado Springs, CO — hiring heavy equipment operators

Elwood, IL — hiring heavy equipment operators

Cortland, NY — hiring heavy equipment operators

If you have been trained in the Heavy Equipment Operation Programs at ATS, you have the basic skills to move into many different fields. A lot of heavy equipment operators have a favorite machine, but most can easily move to other equipment and do the job well. That gives you the flexibility to do a lot of part-time gigs when your regular work is slow, like the snowplow operators who make big bucks cleaning up after blizzards.

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