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Heavy Equipment Job Listing: January 17, 2015

There’s only one job listing this week:

VERNAL, UT — hiring crane operators and riggers

Sometimes jobs are a little scarce, but for a heavy equipment operator, there are many opportunities in your community to pick up a side job in the winter. This is the time of year when local road departments need extra drivers, and local businesses need someone to plow the parking lot after a storm. Crane operators and riggers can often find some work in their own area, too.

Local Networking Can Find Local Temporary Work

How does one find a job that isn’t posted anywhere? By keeping an eye out for potential ways to offer your services and networking. The more equipment you know how to operate safely, the better chance you have of finding someone who needs your skills. It may be temporary work, but when you are looking for employment, temporary work pays the bills.

Networking is one of those “soft skills” that really are essential when looking for a job. That’s why the Employment Assistance department at ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Training School works with every student on things like networking. They have a huge database of job leads because employers trust ATS training, but a local gig may not be advertised to anyone outside the community.

ATS offers lifetime career services to graduates and in addition to the Employment Assistance department, there’s also free access to the top networking site in the skilled trades industries, Total Resources Network. Asking around for temporary work is a good thing when you are job hunting, but getting help from professionals who have years of experience finding jobs for ATS graduates is even better.

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