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Heavy Equipment Goes Ergonomic

Today’s heavy equipment is built to high standards. Maintenance is an important area and almost new equipment has been designed in such a way that maintenance points are easy to access, thus reducing down times.

Where heavy equipment has really moved ahead is in cabin design. I has gone totally ergonomic. Seats with 5,6 or seven different seating positions, reinforced lumbar support and rotating for easy movement is just the start.

The viewing area in the cabs of most modern heavy equipment is 360 degrees. In other words, you have a reasonably clear view of everything, from the seating position, by just rotating the chair.

Other ergonomic features include dials and guages that are prominent and easily read, hand controls with ergonomic grips, and ventilation and temperature control. The working life of a heavy equipment operator is almost one of luxury – the only thing missing is the room service.

If this is the life for you – consider undergoing a training program through ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools – a new career in heavy equipment awaits you.

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