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Heavy Equipment – Do I Need Formal Training?

The term ‘formal training’ can be applied to a lot of situations. Is on the job training formal training? Some would argue, yes! However, formal training is generally accepted as being the type of training that is accredited and that follows a defined path – if you like, it has a start, assessment points along the way and a conclusion.

Do you need this formal training to operate heavy equipment? The answer could often be no. However, when you receive on-the-job training your training is only as good as the operator who is training you. If they have poor habits then they are likely to be passed on to your.

More importantly, on-the-job training really only teaches you how to push buttons, use levers and turn a key. You don’t always learn important aspects such as safety or basic maintenance. These are important areas, particularly when working in tricky or unusual situations.

If an accident occurs and you haven’t had proper training, there may be serious ramifications. Undertaking provides a peace of mind in the knowledge that you have the complete range of skills required to operate a unit of heavy equipment safely and competently.

ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools prides itself on the provision of accredited training that includes safety and basic aspects of machine maintenance. You also learn how to push buttons, work levers and how to operate that piece of heavy equipment to get a job done properly.

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