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Heavy Equipment Careers Are Not Just For Young Single Males

There is a misconception amongst many in the community that heavy equipment careers are fairly itinerant by nature. This is far from the truth. Sure, there are major construction companies that move from project to project, taking their equipment and their operators with them. However, the majority of work for heavy equipment operators is local, with most operators home for dinner each night.

As for being a career for young single males – the majority of workers in this industry are over 40 and married, most with children. You can dispel the male only component as well, there are a lot of women who are now working as heavy equipment operators, and enjoying every minute of it. In reality, anyone can become a heavy equipment operator; all it takes is desire and an aptitude for operating equipment.

When it comes to employment opportunities, local construction leads the way while municipal councils run a close second. Private contractors are also big employers, offering equipment and operators for lease to farmers, developers and, on occasion, environmental groups wanting sensitive areas cleared of non-native vegetation. Even large construction companies, with their somewhat itinerant workforce, need to employ local operators to fill gaps in their ranks.

This means that most operators own their home, and work from their home base. These workers take the daily commute to and from their workplaces like everyone else, just a little earlier than most. A heavy equipment career is certainly not restricted to young single males (although the industry would love to see more of them join the ranks). A short heavy equipment training program is all that most people require to start successful careers as operators.

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