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Overseas Work For Heavy Equipment Operators

One option open to heavy equipment operators, truck drivers, and crane operators, is to seek opportunities overseas. One job listing in our Saturday job listing series required 80 crane operators for work in either Afghanistan and Kuwait. In fact, wherever the U.S. has had a military presence, you’ll find work for capable operators and drivers. You can also find work in many African nations where aid is helping to build roads, schools, hospitals and dams.

Before looking for work overseas, you will need to complete an appropriate training program. Crane operators generally need to be certified; truck drivers will need their commercial drivers license; and heavy equipment operators will need to have completed an approved heavy equipment training program. It will also help your cause if you can get six-twelve months of experience here in the U.S. before applying for international positions.

There is a high demand for experienced heavy equipment operators overseas. The pay is good, and, depending on where you work and who you work for, there are hefty tax concessions on your income. The downside is that you are working in remote areas a long way from home. You may even find you are working in somewhat hostile conditions and in areas that are quite primitive compared to what you enjoy at home right now. In some places, something as simple as running water is non-existent.

U.S. crane and heavy equipment operators (and truck drivers) are preferred in many locations, particularly where U.S. contractors are involved. They prefer to employ from home, fly suitable recruits to their work locations, and to fly them home again once their contracts have been fulfilled. These operators and drivers are generally offered new contracts to return after a short period R and R at home, often with bonuses for renewing those contracts. It does take a special type of person to work overseas under trying conditions, however, many enjoy the experience and continue to return year after year.

If you have a yearning to work overseas in remote and primitive locations, then perhaps heavy equipment operations, truck driving, or crane operations is worth considering.

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