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Heavy Equipment Career Scholarships Can Help

If you are looking to get into a heavy equipment career, there really never has been any better time than now. Right now at Associated Training Services we are offering $100,000 worth of scholarships to our first one hundred sign ups. If you missed our open day, don’t worry, you can still find out what you need to know by giving us a call at 1-800-383-7364 or by visiting our website. If you were worried about the cost of training for your heavy equipment career, this should make things a whole lot easier. Below you can see the dates of the classes for our heavy equipment scholarships.

Heavy Equipment Scholarship Course Start Times

February 25, 2008
March 3, 2008
March 10, 2008
March 17,2008

A heavy equipment career offers so much. It is more than just the job, it is the change that it can make in a person’s lifestyle, especially if they have never done any training before. As an unskilled laborer, it is easy to feel that life does not have too much to offer. Unskilled labor jobs lack security and do not really provide a person with a satisfactory income. If you are struggling to make ends meet now, imagine how things will be further down the road. A heavy equipment career can change that.

Training for your heavy equipment career with Associated Training Services can be done on a full or part time basis. We design our program in such a way to allow people to continue to work while they train. Our professional instructors will teach you how to use and maintain your heavy equipment and take you through the heavy equipment safety guidelines for your equipment. There are classroom lessons and of course classes out in the field where you will operate heavy equipment in a simulated working environment.

Once your training is over, it is time to kick off your heavy equipment career. We offer job placement to help you get started. With a heavy equipment career you can start enjoying the more comfortable lifestyle that comes with a solid job and a stable income. If you have any questions regarding our heavy equipment career training programs or our heavy equipment scholarships, please call us or come to our website.

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