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Heavy Equipment and Power lines

For heavy equipment operators, safety on all work sites should be the first priority. After all, there is a lot happening at any given moment, and most of the action involves heavy, dangerous pieces of equipment. Heavy equipment alone is dangerous to the operator and others on the work site, but there are often unseen dangers on a construction site. Power lines are often found near construction sites, and sometimes even high voltage lines which can be a serious danger to a heavy equipment operator.

In some instances, these lines can be buried under the ground, yet in other areas they will be over head supported by poles. Both of these situations can be dangerous for a heavy equipment operator . The underground power lines can be easily hit by a backhoe or excavator. To prevent this, the power company should be contacted to mark the ground where the lines are buried. Even after the lines are marked, extreme caution must be used when digging in the area.

Overhead power lines can also be a danger to operators. They can be easily forgotten as they are out of sight. The main two pieces of heavy equipment that are susceptible to these overhead wires are the crane and, believe it or not, the dump truck. The dump truck operator can actually hit a power line when lifting the load up to dump it. To prevent accidents related to the overhead power lines, preferably, the power can be shut down to the area. If this is not possible, enough warning signage must be used to ensure operators are constantly aware of the lines and where they are located.

There are many dangers on a work site, power lines may be one of the most dangerous due to the voltage they may carry. The proper procedures and precautions must be taken at all times when working near them. Safety around these dangerous power lines must be every worker’s main priority on the work site at all times.

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