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How To Get A Head Start In A Heavy Equipment Career

Heavy equipment careers are rewarding on many levels. The pay packet of course is one of the first that people look at and heavy equipment operators are fairly well payed when compared to other construction workers. One of the biggest rewards an operator gets is the feeling of power. When you climb into that cab, it feels like it is you and your machine against the world – you are in your own environment.

If you are really keen on moving into the field of heavy equipment operations then there are a few things that you can do that could give you a head start. The first and obvious area to research is heavy equipment training. Without training through an accredited training company, your chances of gaining employment will be greatly reduced. Be sure your training is accredited on a national level – this is one of the only means of determining the quality of the training company.

Training is the first step and gaining employment the last step. In between, there are a number of things you can try. The first is to look around at family and friends. Do any of them work in any area that uses heavy equipment? If so, find out if they can help to arrange a meeting with the person responsible for that heavy equipment. Whilst employment is important, what you need more than anything else is time behind the control. With this in mind, your request will be more along the lines of work experience rather than employment.

Other areas include heavy equipment hire companies. You may not get much experience using the earth moving side of things, but they may allow you some work experience time moving heavy equipment, performing visual inspections and basic maintenance.

Don’t be put off by refusals. Insurance is always an issue with heavy equipment owners. They also have a lot of money tied up in their equipment so they cannot afford any down time caused by accidents. They are going to be cautious at the best of times. However, every operator had to start somewhere and if you use that approach, someone will provide you with some experience. If you prove yourself to be a competent operator, who knows, they may recommend you to a job vacancy.

Good quality heavy equipment training followed by some hours behind the controls will provide you with the credentials to finding full time employment quite quickly. You just need to be proactive to help yourself if you want to a heavy equipment career.

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