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Grader Operators Striving To Be The Best

If you think that heavy equipment careers are one dimensional, think again. Operators are not equal, and with some equipment, only the best operators need apply. A finishing standard grader operator is one example. These are operators who have developed the fine skills required to grade to very exacting measurements.

Airport runways are a good example (with roads a close second). When runways are being built, they are done to very precise measurements. They need to be when you consider their use. Large very heavy jets thundering in at high speeds, wheels thumping into the tarmac, then hard breaking towards the end of the runway. A runway that isn’t too smooth has the potential to kick a jet back into the air causing a very bumpy (and perhaps damaging) landing – one that pilots, passengers and airline companies don’t want to see.

A finishing grader operator does just that, they put the finishing touch on a surface prior to concreting or asphalting. Their work needs to be precise; after all, once the top layer goes on, there’s no going back to make any corrections. Finishing grader operators are those that have worked hard to develop their skills. In particular, how to set their blades and control their equipment. They also know how to accurately read site plans, and how to work closely with other people on a project.

To become a finishing grader operator, you need to start at the bottom. This means undertaking quality heavy equipment training, then gaining employment where you can develop your skills. When you first start, you won’t be in the same league as a finishing grader operator, however, you’ll be surprised at how quickly you can develop those skills. A career as a heavy equipment operator is definitely not one dimensional, there are always new skill levels that an operator can aspire to reach.

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