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What Is A Grader Operator Worth These Days?

You would be surprised at some wages being offered these days. Whilst there has been a period of doom and gloom coming through most media outlets, some employment sectors seem to have become deaf to it all. Construction is one industry that now fits that bill. Grader operators, particularly experienced operators with knowledge of GPS and other IT based grader enhancements, can command very high wages.

If you take a look at employment prospects in an area like New York, the outlook looks promising. They are predicting demand to increase by 150 new operators every year through to 2016. When it comes to wages, the mean is around $36,000, but get this: the top paid workers are commanding over $75,000 each year. (

It’s not just New York either! Illinois is another area where employment growth has been steady. Projections are for that to continue at around 7% per annum. If you don’t like percentages, that is around 300 new operators each year. How much do you get paid in Illinois? The median there is just over $38,000 with the best operators receiving around $73,000. That’s a bit lower than NY but I think you get the message. Skilled and experienced operators can command high wages. Starting wages are around double the minimum wage – not a bad place to start. (Illinois

Operating a grader is a little more difficult than operating a bulldozer or loader and it can take up to five years to achieve the level of skills required to command the highest wages. However, once you learn to operate a grader you will have the skills for a lifetime of employment.

Grader operators prepare the foundations for many of our major constructions, particularly roads and large buildings. Budding operators should have a passing knowledge of physics and be comfortable around large heavy equipment. The ability to work to plans and as part of a team are particularly important. As you can see, the outlook for grader operators is looking good and the wages – well they are certainly nothing to sneeze at!

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