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Where To Find Work Operating Bulldozers

Bulldozers are one of the most popular machines for new operators entering the heavy equipment field. For many, the dream of operating a bulldozer starts in childhood and only re-kindles after leaving school. If you’re considering entering the field as a bulldozer operator, you may be wondering where you could possibly find employment.

Heavy equipment is used throughout industry with loaders and bulldozers the most popular. They certainly appear in the most diverse areas of industry. Bulldozers started life in rural communities where they helped to clear land and build dams. There is still a strong demand for this type of work today. While ever we eat and have farmers supplying that food, we will need bulldozers.

Construction is the biggest employer of bulldozers and bulldozer operators. From clearing land for new buildings to clearing land for roads and highways, bulldozers are there, often in numbers. You will also find bulldozers in use in the mining industry, forestry and in the military. Snow plows are nothing more than specialist bulldozers and, in communities where snow is not a regular event, bulldozers are used as snow plows.

You will find bulldozers in use across a broad range of industries and over time, employment opportunities have been steady. The prediction is that opportunities will rise in the future as ‘baby boomers’ start to age and retire. This could leave a vacuum of experienced operators – a factor that is well worth considering when deciding on a career.

Bulldozer training is part of a more general heavy equipment training program. These programs can be completed and have you prepared for entry level employment in as little as three weeks. If you still have that childhood dream of operating heavy equipment, why not make it a reality – the work is there.

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