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Financial Aid For Military Personnel Undertaking ATS Training Programs

If you are, or have been, a member of the military, or a spouse or dependent of a member of the military, past or present, then you may be eligible for financial aid that may help you undertake one of our training programs. Now that sounds like a mouthful so let’s break it down into actual details.

For current service members and their spouses, financial aid is available in the following forms:

For active members: $4,500 is available under The Armed Forces Tuition Assistance Program (TAP). This is for all active members in the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and the Coast Guard. There is specific criteria attached to the funding.

Souses of active members: the MyCCA (Military Spouse Program) provides funding of up to $6,000 for education, training, licenses, certificates and degrees leading to employment.

Veterans: Nearly all ATS training schools are approved for the use of Veterans Educational Benefits. If injured on active service, veterans may also be eligible for vocational rehabilitation training.

Dependents of veterans: Dependents of active members injured while on active service may also be eligible for vocational training.

If you are considering undertaking a training program through ATS and you feel you may be eligible for one of these financial aid options, contact us for more information on the training programs available for funding.

I must add that these programs and the funds available were correct at the time this post was published. If you are reading this at a later date then please refer to the military websites for the latest training program funding available.

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