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Financial Aid To Help With Your Crane Operator Training

Are you considering a career as crane operator but worried about the cost? Why not check out the financial aid that may be available to help pay for your crane operator training. In fact, taking up a financial assistance package may be the best move you ever make. Crane operators are amongst the highest paid heavy equipment operators in the country which means your training will soon pay for itself many times over.

There are a number of different options available to you depending on your circumstances. There is government assistance available for some people all the way through to career loans available through the many financial institutions.

With loans through financial institutions, you can either approach them yourself or you can fill in one of our online application forms. ATS have several loan options, once we receive your application we can generally get back to you within 48 hours.

Government assistance may be available through the following programs:

  • Workforce Investment Act (WIA)
  • Department of Workforce Development
  • Trade Adjustment Act (TAA)
  • Displaced Workers
  • Displaced Farmers
  • Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Tribal Education (BIA)
  • Veteran’s Benefits (VA)

Crane operators enjoy good working conditions, a challenging job that rarely gets boring, a respected status amongst heavy equipment operators and construction workers in general, and lucrative pay schedule. Crane operator training is fairly intense with a strong focus on safety that is designed to prepare students to sit for the crane operator certification tests once training has been completed.

Financial aid is available to most people. If your next career move is into heavy equipment then contact us to determine what is available in the way of financial aid for crane operator training.

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