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Excavators Offer A New And Interesting Career

Excavators used be rather boring machines. Their role predominantly was to dig trenches for pipelines and there is nothing worse than doing the same thing day after day. Today’s excavators are very different to those old machines and a career as an excavator operator can be rather interesting.

Don’t get me wrong, an excavator’s main job is still to dig trenches. However, with new tools that can be attached to an excavator, there can many different tasks. I recently saw video footage of an excavator with a grabber attached – these are like a three fingered hand that opens and shut. The excavator tore apart a recently retired war plane. Within an hour, that plane had been reduced to a pile of scrap. By the way, I am not talking about a small fighter, I am talking about a large reinforced army transporter.

That is the power that an excavator operator has at their disposal. Imagine what sort of damage it could do as part of a demolition team, or breaking up concrete or rock! The range off attachments is broad and includes augers and jack hammers, just to name a few.

To be a successful excavator operator you need two components. You need good solid training in the basics that then provides a platform to build on. You then need a job where you can develop those skills and learn the intricacies of some the attachments.

We at ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools can help you to lay that solid platform to build on. Our heavy equipment training is comprehensive and undertaken over three weeks. This includes both in the cab and in the classroom training. As for a job, there is plenty of work available for heavy equipment operators at present. When you start your training, consult our career services department for advice on how and where to apply for that first job – we are all there to help you start your career.

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