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Excavators Dig That Final Trench

We often discuss some of the more unusual jobs that heavy equipment operators can be called upon to do at times. Excavators have a role that is important in our society, a role that most of us will require at some stage, yet a role we will not care about at the time. I am of course talking about our final resting place. Mini excavators are often the equipment of choice these days when it comes to digging burial plots.

It’s not a subject we all want to discuss – but then, it is a job that is required in our society and someone has to do it. If you have ever seen an empty burial plot, you will be struck by how precise they can be. Rectangular, straight walls and perfect corners. That actually takes precision work by a skilled operator to achieve that finish – skills that can take quite some time to fully develop.

When developing any skills in life, the end result will almost always depend on the platform that you are building those skills on. If your original training has been poor then no matter how much practice and experience you get, you are only reinforcing a poor skill set and bad habits. Quality training provides a solid platform from which you can build skills to a high level.

Employers know this already. When looking at resumes, or interviewing applicants for a vacancy, one of the questions they want answered is ‘where you did your training’. If your heavy equipment training provider has a poor reputation you can forget the job. If your training provider has a good reputation then your chances of securing the job increase dramatically.

ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools have a solid reputation for delivering good quality operators that are ready for the workplace. Excavators get some of the interesting jobs – like digging burial plots. Are you interested in becoming an excavator operator? Contact us if you are.

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