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Are You An Excavator Or An Excavator Operator?

An interesting question that was put to me today by a youngster. Is an excavator operator just an excavator? Likewise, is a grader operator just a grader? I was waiting for that logic to flow through – is a bulldozer operator a bulldozer?

An excavator is someone who digs holes like trenches. The excavator, as a machine, is also something that digs holes like trenches. However, the person who is an excavator can dig trenches in many different ways. They can use a machine like an excavator or backhoe; they can use a shovel; they could even use a teaspoon – don’t laugh, some do when dealing with archeological excavations.

The catch, of course, is that although the person who is an excavator can use any number of implements, they may not necessarily be trained, qualified, or capable of operating an excavation machine. Excavator operators, on the other hand, can use a shovel or teaspoon to dig a trench.

With that conclusion in mind, excavator operators are excavators – however, excavators are not necessarily excavator operators. At least, not until they have received their excavator operator training.

Confused? No – good. Are you an excavator or an excavator operator? Children seem to spend half their childhood as excavators. Once they start to grow up, they leave the excavating behind them. If you have still got the excavator in you and you’re looking for a career that is interesting and well paid, consider the life of an excavator operator. You already know how to dig – learn how to do it on a machine instead.

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