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Everyone Pays Attention To: The Signalperson

You’ve seen that guy, or gal, in the reflective clothing with the flags and radios. Sometimes they are on the road, directing traffic. Most of the time, though, they are on the job site keeping everybody safe. Without a qualified rigger/signalperson, the load on the crane might be unstable and fall. The equipment could run into somebody and hurt them badly. The cost of not having a signalperson who knows their job is high, so everybody pays attention to what the signalperson says is going on.

Associated Training Services offers two levels of rigging/signalperson training:

  1. The Rigging/Signalperson Qualification Program
  2. The Rigging/Signalperson Certification Program

The Qualification program is the basic foundational training that has been mandated by OSHA and it will meet many of the job requirements on most sites. It takes 8-12 hours of instruction, written and practical training and testing, and you get a qualification compliance card at the end showing you meet all OSHA qualification standards.

The Certification program is more intense, with 32-36 hours of training (four days) and the same careful written/practical training and testing in more detail. By the end of this program, you will exceed the OSHA qualification standard for rigging/signalperson training and receive NCCCO Rigging Level One as well as NCCCO Signalperson Certifications.

Associated Training Services is fully qualified to administer the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO) national certification program. We are experienced in preparing students for the CCO certification exams, which are offered regularly. Take a look at our NCCCO schedule and see what dates will work for your plans so that you will be the guy everyone pays attention to.

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