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Economic Stimulus Affects Grader Operator Requirements In New Ways

There has been a lot of discussion here and throughout the news regarding the economic stimulus packages and the effect it will have on employment. This package is having a huge impact on heavy equipment requirements with motor graders in high demand. The economic stimulus package, however, goes beyond dumping a lot of money on infrastructure. There are few a little programs that can impact on grader operator demand in their own right.

One of these programs is the one-time 50-percent tax depreciation bonus that is available for purchases made before December 31, 2009. Heavy equipment manufacturers have jumped on this and made their own offers. This includes payment free six or twelve month periods. This has led many businesses to either replace or add new equipment to their work force. Those that have added new equipment are the businesses that are expecting to be part of the infrastructure construction program in 2010.

Obviously, if you add new equipment to your line up you are going to need additional operators to utilize the equipment. Motor grader sales are up compared to this time last year and the demand on operators continues to grow. This reinforces our opinion that now is the best time to act if you want a career as a motor grader operator. The winter period is one of the best times to gain hands on experience in these machines in preparation for the expected busy spring construction period.

If you are interested in a career as a heavy equipment operator, particularly as a motor grader operator, then act now and give us a call on 1-800-383-7364 to discuss your motor grader training options. It can be tempting to say – ‘I’ll wait until after Christmas’. This could be a big mistake. Act now and come the New Year; you will be well placed to commence a career as a motor grader operator.

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