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The Dump Truck, The Bulldozer and The Tired Old Empty Beach

What do dump trucks, bulldozers and beaches have to do with each other? Every year our coastline is ravaged by storms. Some areas are hit harder than others resulting in tons of beach sand being washed out to sea. Our beaches are popular recreation areas and with no sand, these beaches looks fairly uninviting to say the least. Add to this the fact that many communities rely on the summer beach trade for their survival, you will understand why we do everything possible to prevent these occurrences, and when they do happen, we get in and fix them.

How do we fix them? There is only one way. Fleets of dump trucks ferry in tons of sand and the bulldozers get to work spreading that sand over the area that has been stripped. It can be an incredible site. One day there is wonderful playground – the sand, the sun and the surf. Along comes a storm and all you are left with is a barren strip of coastline that is rocky and totally unusable. Bring in the dump trucks and bulldozers, and before the weekend arrives, the beach is back to its glorious self.

There is a lot of job satisfaction in not only seeing the beach restored, but being able to once again use it. Fortunately, it doesn’t happen that frequently to the one beach. However, every year there is a beach somewhere that needs some form of restoration.

This is just one example of the type of work that dump trucks and bulldozers undertake. There is no special dump truck driver training required – it fits within the scope of normal everyday work. The same is true of the bulldozer operators – they don’t require any special bulldozer operator training – it fits within the normal duties of a bulldozer operator.

You may not need specialist training, but when it comes to a tired old empty beach that has been stripped of her glory, dump trucks and bulldozers certainly know how to give her a fresh new face! You can guarantee there are thousands of families that are glad she is wearing a new face.

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