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Does Your Heavy Equipment Operator Training School Offer Career Services?

The are two components to a successful career as a heavy equipment operator – your training and your first job. Heavy equipment operator training provides you with the core skills required to gain employment. Once you have those core skills, it’s important for a number of reasons to find a good first job as a heavy equipment operator.

Obviously, building on those core skills is a vital step to a successful career. There is more to that first job than just gaining experience. That first job gives you the opportunity to develop your reputation – and reputation is what will help you gain future employment more than any other factor. If you have a reputation for being a skilled operator who is always on time, always works safely and who looks after their equipment, you’ll find yourself in demand by employers.

How do you get that first job? It can be difficult, especially if you’re new to the industry. As you develop your career, one of the things you’ll quickly discover is that it’s an ‘insider’ industry and that it’s hard for ‘outsiders’ to open doors. When looking at a heavy equipment operator training school, ask them if they can ‘open doors’ for you.

ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools does more than just ‘open doors’. We have a dedicated Career Services department whose only role is to help you gain suitable employment once you have completed your training. We work with you from day one helping you develop those soft skills that make finding employment so much easier. Research now shows that graduates who have been taught how to create resumes, fill in applications, and develop interview skills have a much higher success rate when it comes to looking for employment.

We also help students identify potential employers (and we have a huge database of potential employers), approach employers, and apply for job vacancies. Students (and graduates) also have access to our dedicated jobs website – a place where employers can post job vacancies. We know that our job is not to just train people to become heavy equipment operators – our job is to help people build a career as a heavy equipment operator, and that includes developing core skills and finding that first job.

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