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Do You Have The Right Attitude To Operate Heavy Equipment?

It takes more than just skills and knowledge to be an effective heavy equipment operator. Like most workplaces, you also need the right attitude. This is particularly true when it comes to heavy equipment safety. We can train new operators in all the correct safety procedures; what we cannot do is change an operator’s attitude. That is an issue that a graduate needs to consider themselves.

So what do we mean by ‘attitude’? Heavy equipment safety means following rules and guidelines. As an operator, you have a choice – you can follow those rules, or try to take shortcuts. Worse still, you can consider those rules silly or unnecessary, and totally ignore them. That attitude will result in accidents, and operators with that attitude will have very short careers – if they survive any accidents.

Over the years, heavy equipment accidents have resulted in deaths and serious injuries. The Department Of Labor established OSHA to put in place safety guidelines for every employment place in the U.S. Employers (and employees) are obliged to follow these guidelines and for those who refuse or become neglectful, there are hefty fines. National bodies have been established to help put in place minimum training guidelines and this includes heavy equipment.

Heavy equipment training programs now need to include heavy equipment safety components. This ensures that everyone entering the industry has the same heavy equipment safety training. By standardizing this area of training, graduates are immediately employable nationwide since those safety standards are national, and not just restricted to the one state.

ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools have earned a reputation for delivery training that is first class. This training provides in-class components that relate directly to safety along with in-the-seat operator training that helps to reinforce those safety aspects. Heavy equipment safety is important to everyone on a work site. Heavy equipment machinery is very dangerous in untrained hands so we make every sure every graduate works in a safe and happy environment.

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