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Construction Toys

Construction Toys for Holiday Gifts?

Do you have a young fan who is interested in construction and heavy equipment on your Christmas list? There is an excellent selection of construction toys available for children of all ages. For those who like to build, there are construction sets, such as K’nex, Legos, and other building sets.

Some of the newer interesting toys include the Mattel Matchbox Downton Demolition Playset, which includes a crane and wrecking ball to knock down the three-story building. It has two Matchbox construction vehicles, and the crane features a claw to grip and move materials for demolition and rebuilding.

Construction Toys

The Dickie Toys Construction Playset includes four construction vehicles and street sign accessories. ENGINO STEM Mechanics sets allow you to see the technical mechanics of how things work. One set focuses on how cams and crank mechanisms are crucial to many real machines in the world. Tonka has multiple playsets available, and they remain popular as they have for several decades.

There are also dress-up sets for youngsters. These include plastic hard hats and neon-colored safety vests. There is a Play-Doh Construction Set that features a crane, and toddlers can enjoy the PlaySkool cement mixer truck.

There are also radio-controlled construction vehicles, including trucks, bulldozers, and cranes. While there are some easy-to-maneuver radio-controlled vehicles for young children, some of these are more advanced and technical, made for teens and adults, and available only at hobby shops. These make great gifts for hobbyists, so there is a construction toy for those of any age on your list.

With the wide variety of construction toys available, there are also toys to fit all budgets and all price ranges, ranging from $10 to $1,000s for the hobbyist radio-controlled vehicles from the hobby shops. These toys are available at department stores, discount retailers, wholesale clubs, hobby shops, toy stores, and hardware stores.

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