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Carpentry Certification, a Small Step to a Big Career

Carpentry certification is a great way to improve your prospects in your construction career. If you are an unskilled labor, chances are that you have experienced working at a few different places. It is a fact that most companies offer unskilled laborers very little in the way of security, and the pay, while a little better than some other unskilled jobs, is not that great. When you add a carpentry certification to the mix, however, things take on a different light. For one thing, you will get paid a little more at the end of each month; always a nice thing, you will also get to experience some job security. Workers with carpentry certification are less likely to be let go at the end of a big project.

Carpentry certification differs a great deal from a carpentry apprenticeship. A carpentry apprenticeship takes several years to complete, carpentry certifications, however, can be obtained in a relatively short space of time. A full-blown carpenter will likely get paid more, but not everyone has the luxury of being able to survive for years on apprentice wages. Carpentry certification gives you a more focused set of skills. You get certified for tasks that you are likely to be required to perform on a daily basis. While a carpentry apprentice will train in a much broader skill set, in the day to day operations of a construction site, you are not going to need most of them.

If you are interested in gaining carpentry certification, please do not hesitate to contact us at Associated Training Services.

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