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Career Services – Bridging The Gulf Between Training And Employment

Planning a new career is a big step for anyone and one of the most daunting aspects is the concept of transitioning from training to an actual job. Heavy equipment careers can be even more daunting since there is such a wide range of machinery and industries from which to choose. This is where career services personnel who are experienced in the field of heavy equipment are so valuable. It is their job to create a bridge between your training and prospective employers.

At Associated Training Services (ATS), our career services personnel are not there to just push possible job vacancies at you. Their role starts early on your training with an interview designed to give them a feel for your goals and preferences. During the interview they will determine what geographic locations best suit your needs; what, if any, industries interest you; and which heavy equipment do you feel most comfortable with? This helps the career services personnel put together a package that includes possible employers in your preferred geographic region and information related to your training.

During your time at ATS, you will also receive soft skills training designed to develop skills in employment application procedures, interviewing techniques and networking methods, all designed to help you win that first job. Instructors at ATS all come from the real world so they bring with them years of industry experience, many as foremen, superintendents or small business owners. They know what it takes to succeed in the industry, and they pass that knowledge onto their students.

When you first start your training, you may feel there is a gulf between your training and actually finding work. It needn’t be as there are jobs available in the field of heavy equipment. When you bring together nationally respected training in heavy equipment, and the knowledge and experience of career services personnel, that gulf between training and employment suddenly shrinks to a crack. If you’re considering a career change, be sure to select a training company that not only delivers the training, but also delivers real employment assistance.

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