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Bulldozers Work In The Strangest Places

There are a lot places where you wouldn’t expect to find a bulldozer. Bulldozers come a variety of shapes and sizes and range from giants that work in the mining industry to babies that work in factories.

These little bulldozers are also put to work in the holds of ships and are often used to scrape up the remnants of whatever material has been carried in the holds. This can range from coal, stone or gravel through to wheat and other grains. This is one job where you wouldn’t want to be claustrophobic.

It’s not just shipping. There are many factories that use bulldozers to push the raw material around. Sugar refineries use a bulldozer to push raw sugar into small hills. They are also used around wood chip and sand and gravel enterprises.

Bulldozers are a part of many commercial enterprises today. Whilst the big boys may live and work on construction sites, mines or road building; their little cousins are equally hard at work. They may move less material compared to their larger relative, but they work twice as fast to make up for it.

Despite the size, the training required to handle a small bulldozer is not that different to what is required to operate a full size bulldozer. ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools deliver training that will have you well equipped to handle any size bulldozer.

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