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Bulldozers Work In California Wildfires

There is one job that is a real challenge to bulldozer operators and that is the work involved with wildfires. The wildfire itself is a danger. With flying embers everywhere, bulldozer operators try to create firebreaks – wide areas cleared of any fuel – in the hope it will stop, or at least slow the wildfire.

Firefighters have to be amongst the toughest workers around and bulldozer operators are right up alongside them when it comes to fighting fires. The recent California wildfires saw heavy equipment operators alongside firefighters trying to save properties and trying to prevent loss of life. It’s not just during wildfires that bulldozers work to prevent property damage.

In the cooler months, it is the bulldozer operators that are at work constantly trying to keep fire breaks and fire trails open. If vegetation overgrows either of these two, there can be real problems. Fire trails allow access to firefighting vehicles in the event of an outbreak. If the fire trail is overgrown – there is no access, which means firefighters cannot fight the fires. Keeping them clear and open is essential.

Fire breaks work a little differently. They are often used to access deep into timbered areas, however, their main role is to put a wide break in the amount of fuel that is available on the ground. Fires can and do jump fire breaks, but generally speaking, fire breaks do slow down a wild fire giving firefighters a chance of gaining the upper hand.

Do you have what it takes to operate a bulldozer with wild fires burning all around you? If so, a career as a bulldozer operator may be for you. Heavy equipment training includes learning how to operate a bulldozer. If you’re ready for the challenge – train now and gain the skills before next year’s wildfires begin.

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