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Bulldozers Respond In Times Of Need

There are times when, as a bulldozer operator, you hope you don’t get work. The earthquakes that have hit the South East Asian region in recent weeks have been devastating. They are a reminder that anyone – almost anywhere – suffer earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes and wild fires on a regular basis – often destroying homes, neighborhoods and even whole towns. Who gets called in to wipe it all away? The bulldozers.

Bulldozers do a good job of wiping away the signs of devastation. They do a good job of clearing the way for rebuilding as well. Whilst these are jobs that most bulldozer operators don’t wish for – someone has to do them when they do occur.

This type of work can be tricky at times as bulldozer operators may find themselves working alongside family members who are trying to recover as much of their personal lives as possible. Bulldozing a site is done carefully, pushing aside debris in a way that allows those family members access to what has been left behind.

It is hard to train someone for this type of work. Basic bulldozer training lays the platform – the rest comes with time and experience. Being sensitive to the needs of the family members is a skill that cannot be taught – either you have it or you don’t. Fortunately, most people do.

The life of a bulldozer operator can be difficult at times. However, at the end of the day you have helped people, communities or towns start the rebuilding process that gets their lives back on track again. Whilst the event that caused this devastation is sad, the act of clearing away and rebuilding isn’t -in fact it can often be met with celebration, a time of rebirth. It is a tough job, but it is a very satisfying job – are you up to it?

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