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Bulldozers On The Land

Most people imagine bulldozers on constructions sites, building roads, leveling residential estates, or perhaps clearing a huge block for a new factory, school or hospital. While construction is a big user of bulldozers, the rural community makes use of them as well, particularly our farmers. There are a number of roles that bulldozers fill although few are directly related to producing food.

When it comes to rural communities, bulldozers play a big role in the establishment of dams, in clearing areas ready for grazing or tilling for broad crop farming. Bulldozers can frequently be found rebuilding farm roads, often nothing more than a scar on the land that has had road metal or gravel spread over it. In the past, farm equipment like tractors (the actual forerunner to the bulldozer) were used as bulldozers, however, these vehicles are not really built to handle the pressure. Why put the stress on a farm tractor when there’s a bulldozer just down the road.

Working as a bulldozer operator in these rural communities is more demanding, more interesting and more rewarding often than working on construction sites. The skill levels for rural bulldozer operators needs to be high given the diverse range of jobs and conditions required of them. Yet many of these operators start by undertaking basic heavy equipment training then diving straight in and continuing their skills development on the job.

ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools is a popular choice for those looking to head into our rural communities. Our training programs are designed to provide a solid platform of skills that makes it far easier to build on in the workplace. If a career as a rural bulldozer operator appeals to you then contact us for more information on heavy equipment training and the location of the nearest training school to you.

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