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Bulldozers And The Inevitable Fire Season

Summer is here and for some parts of the country it heralds the arrival of the fire season. It seems inevitable that every year some part of the country will burst into flames. Right now, there are bulldozers at work preparing the way for these fires. They build fire breaks, try to remove as much of the ground litter as possible and generally clear areas that could be highly combustible.

Their work is invaluable and could help to reduce the destruction caused by some of these summer fire storms. Unfortunately, the bulldozer’s role doesn’t finish there. In many cases, once a fire storm has ripped through an area, it is those same bulldozer operators that are called in to clean up the damage caused by these fires. This often involves clearing away what were once people’s homes.

Although it may sound like an easy job, working to reduce the amount of fuel on the floor takes an experienced and skilled bulldozer operator. Many of these areas are protected so the operator needs to work in such a way that ground fuel is reduced with the minimum amount of damage to the environment. These are skills that are developed over time and rely on the operator receiving good training at the start of their career.

ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools are leaders in the field when it comes to training new recruits to the industry. The school’s reputation amongst contractors is good with many contractors sourcing their new employees direct from any one of the schools. While you cannot expect to be out creating firebreaks immediately after graduation, work is available in a variety of areas, work that will provide the experience and skills required to undertake that type of employment in the future.

Are you considering a career as a heavy equipment operator – more specifically, a bulldozer operator? If so, contact us to determine which school is closest to you and when the next heavy equipment training course commences.

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