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Bulldozers Rebuilding The Environment

In an age where everyone is becoming environmentally conscious, moves are afoot to reclaim land and return it to its former natural glory. While bulldozers may have been a part of the original stripping of the land, they are now an integral part of the teams trying to re-vegetate these areas. Little has changed for the bulldozer. They still go in and strip the land bare again – only this time, rather than farming, building or open spaces, that stripped land is being planted out with vegetation that is native to that area.

I say little has changed for the bulldozer and to a point that is correct. However, for a re-vegetation program to be effective, all of the old unwanted vegetation has to be removed – roots and all. The area often needs working several times to ensure that no viable seeds remain that will contaminate the natural vegetation. Bulldozer operators are also required to sculpt the land so that it can become a natural area again.

Heavy equipment in general is now playing a huge role in environmental issues. In fact, new heavy equipment coming in to the marketplace are themselves environmentally friendly. They comply with low emissions and some of this equipment is also running on alternative fuels, bulldozers included.

If you want to be a part of the new greening movement, yet have a hankering to operate heavy equipment like bulldozers, the two are no longer incompatible. In fact, as we move forward into the future the two will become closely allied. You can do both – you just need to undertake the best heavy equipment training around and to then find the right employers.

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