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Bulldozer Operators Get The Toughest Jobs

With news coming out of Australia regarding their serious bushfires and the losses of hundreds, almost a thousand, homes, it reminds us of one of the toughest jobs that bulldozer operators have to do. We have wild fires that burn thousands of acres of land and destroy homes here as well. California seems to get razed on a regular basis and often the only solution is to go in after the event and bulldozer the whole area.

For operators it can be eerie scene. What was once a thriving community now reduced to ashes. Once the bulldozer has gone through and leveled the area, you would hardly know the community existed. Come back in 12-18 months and you would be surprised. Humans are resilient. You can knock us down, we get up, dust ourselves down and rebuild and get on with life.

As tough as the job is, it is one that has to be done. Without the bulldozer operators going in and clearing the way, these communities could not rebuild. Even if it is just a house lot, it still has to be cleared to make way for the new home.

No amount of training can prepare you for the devastation that will confront an operator. What we can do is train the bulldozer operator so they can go in and clear the area quickly and efficiently. Where whole communities are destroyed, whether it’s fire, storm or man made; teams of bulldozer operators will go in, often having the area ready for re-building within weeks.

The life of a bulldozer operator can be tough but someone has to do it. Are you ready to undertake bulldozer training and help rebuild devastated communities? You may never get the call – you just never know. One thing I do know; bulldozer operators always seem to get the tough jobs – and you know what? – they are always ready to stuck in!

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