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Backhoes, Popular because they are Functional

Backhoes are one of the most functional pieces of heavy equipment in existence. Sure, there are bigger pieces of equipment out there, but backhoes get a great power to weight ratio and you can take them virtually anywhere. The thing that makes backhoes so good is that they are tractor mounted, which makes them easier to drive in most situations and incredibly easier to maneuver.

Typical backhoes do not have the power of a large excavator; they don’t move the volumes of earth that a bulldozer or front loader is able to move. What they do is a little bit more precise. There are many times where you need a hole, but an excavator is overkill; that is where backhoes come in. For landscaping work, backhoes are second to none. A skilled backhoe operator can really get creative with a garden landscape.

Track mounted backhoes are popular too, but not all applications require tracks. As great as tracks are; wheels do have a few advantages in light applications. Wheeled heavy equipment moves more quickly and is easier on roads and paved surfaces. Track mounted heavy equipment can handle rougher terrain which makes it a more popular choice for heavier work.

If you are interested in learning how to drive backhoes, please feel free to contact us at Associated Training Services.

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