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Why Backhoes Are A Great Career Option

If you’re a little tired of your current career (and many people change careers three or four times during their life) then a career as a backhoe operator may be the perfect choice. Backhoes offer a diverse range of tasks, sometime using the hoe and at other times using the loader. That is the one appeal to many people, the backhoe is more than one piece of equipment.

Add a couple of dozen different attachments and the backhoe becomes a jack (and master) of many tasks. Backhoes don’t just dig trenches, they are capable of much more, including drilling, jack hammering and loading or unloading trucks. They have become a common piece of equipment on construction sites and are becoming popular tools when it comes to landscaping.

The real beauty in selecting a career as a backhoe operator is that the training is fairly straight forward. Take three weeks out of your life and you will be trained and ready to start work. You will have a wealth of new knowledge and the skills required to operate a loader, excavator and, of course, a backhoe since that combines the skills of the previous two.

ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools have been training people to operate heavy equipment for over 25 years. They have the experience to know what employers are looking for when seeking to employ new backhoe operators. Because of the experience, employers rate ATS highly when it comes to the quality of the training and the quality of the students that graduate from each training program. If you are tired of your current career and considering a change – consider a change to a career as a backhoe operator.

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